Patara Mud Baths

The beach of Patara is located at the end of the Esen Stream.
It is the beach. Here you go with your partners, especially where you will find yourself constantly and especially together
you'll meet the endless mud bath you won't want.

Sludge baths, as known, are people who renew and human beings. Spend a time around here
your body will be renewed in terms of minerals. Canoe with slowly rising adrenaline
With the tour, you will be following the nature beauties of approximately 10-15 kilometers, and then you will leave your whole load and fatigue to these muds. The odorlessness is a separate plus, because there is nothing left to bother you.

How close is the Patara Mud Bath to our hotel?
You can also go directly to the mud baths with the vehicles, as often as everyone does, canoe tours or
you can go with timed boat tours. For this reason, depending on your activity, you can
the reception hours are also changing. If you go with tours, usually 08:30 or 09:00, such as the tour of our hotel passes through our hotel.

Find out more about Patara Mud Bath?
It is recommended to take towels, swimsuits, sunscreen and sunglasses. For extra expenses, you can always have some money with you. Although some tours say you are going to the beach, you may not always include the admission fee, so you should clarify this from the beginning.

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