Kayaköy Campus

Kayaköy has one of the most recommended travel routes for visitors to Fethiye. This is because of its historical structure and natural beauties. Especially people who want to have a good day by relaxing, watching the beautiful nature of nature can participate in tours including Kayaköy.

Kayaköy settlement was established in 1800s and the most magnificent time during the Ottoman sovereignty.
He lived. However, due to the population exchange agreement between Greece and Turkey and lived here all
After the Greek Cypriots moved, it remained a ghost town. The name of this place in many places is also referred to as Ghost City.

Kayakoy settlement, churches and chapels in addition to the historical houses and fountains for visitors to visit
turned into a museum. As part of the tours, you can visit this village and witness the history. As with many tours, you can go to Oludeniz with a journey that does not last half an hour and you can enjoy the clear blue waters on the beaches here.

How close is the Kayaköy Campus to our hotel?
In order to get to Kayaköy, which usually goes with tours, tours to the tours in the early morning hours come to the nearest waiting points to get you. If you want to reach as an individual, you can have a journey of approximately 13 kilometers and you can reach this historic place without even going for half an hour.

Find out more about Kayaköy?
You can get more information about the region when you join with the tours. Although the meals are not included in the prices, you should ask them before you join the tour.

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