Dalaman Rafting

Holiday in Fethiye means that you can find plenty of opportunities for water sports. When it comes to water sports, one of the most come to mind is the rafting of Dalaman tea. Dalaman rafting activities for many different companies are serving, these companies include expert trainers. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for not looking for a preliminary experience or training in rafting tours. Because at least one of the expert instructors is in your boat with you. Because these trainers also know English, they can communicate with everyone more easily. In addition, the life jackets worn for safety allow even those who are not swimming to participate in this rafting activity.

Located between Marmaris and Fethiye, Dalaman River, between the lush pine forests in the period you go
You will be waiting for you with the cold waters to get rid of the hot weather that may be overwhelming. With cool waters
Fethiye rafting tours can be organized in Dalaman. Generally in boats
There are maximum 10 people. The tour usually lasts 5-6 hours.

How close are rafting centers in Dalaman to our hotel?
As with many other activities, Dalaman rafting services to reach the moving area
It takes you from the stops on the route. For this, our hotel is located at 8 am from the Service
Pass. After sharing the hotel information, this information will be shared with you. In an hour
Arrival to Dalaman.

Find out more about Dalaman Rafting?
Not knowing how to swim is not an obstacle for you. However, it would be better if you inform the trainers about this.
Tour with panic attacks or with trainers before joining those who have a disease that prevents you from swimming
share and get clear information. If your health comes first of all, do not forget it. Children under 16 years of age cannot participate in the activities due to the regulations. Equipment, transport, insurance, village breakfast and lunch
services included in the tours in general. Drinks and photos / videos may incur extra charges.
It's worth noting.

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